Testimonial – MUMBLER awards (anonymous)

They are the best!!! Such an wonderful nursery filled with amazing staff who’s number one priority is helping the children to grow and develop while having having fun! They make everyone feel so welcome and feel at home and comfortable. The staff are very approachable and easy to talk to and show how much they love what they are doing with their knowledge of all the children in their care! The are just amazing!!!

Testimonial – MUMBLER awards (anonymous)

Hands down its a fab team! Both my children come home very happy after lots of fun play at nursery. They’ve introduced library bags that are full of toys and games related to the book in the bag – fantastic way to engage toddlers.

Testimonial – MUMBLER awards (anonymous)

The nursery is homely and the staff there are amazing.  The support they have offered my family throughout the last few years has been incredible.  They have a very low turnover of staff leading to increased confidence for parents and continued stability for the children they care for.  They do an awesome job.

Testimonial – MUMBLER awards (anonymous)

It is such a lovely and friendly nursery. All of the staff really care about the children and provide an outstanding environment which is stimulating and fun. They also try to make life as easy as possible for working parents which is a great help. The food is also excellent. Would highly recommend.

Testimonial – MUMBLER awards (anonymous)

Woodlands’ staff team have been at the nursery for a very long time, and they provide the most happy, warm and settled environment for the children.  All children, parents and team members are all part of a big happy family!

Testimonial – MUMBLER awards (anonymous)

Woodlands is a lovely nursery the staff are all very friendly and it has such a warm atmosphere. I know my little boy is being well cared for and with it being a smaller nursery he gets that individual attention when needed. The staff always have time to fill you in on everything the children have been doing each day and what they have particularly enjoyed. They do plenty of activities to encourage learning and have lovely play areas outside. I’d recommend this nursery every time.

Testimonial – Donna Sellers

My little boy went to PlayAway from 8 mths to starting school, and my youngest is staring in the baby room tomorrow. I was always happy with the way they looked after my little boy. The guys there are fab and C loved his time with them. It has been lovely this week going back in with F as everyone has been so welcoming.

Testimonial – Jo Tiller

My daughter is in toddlers. Although there are closer nursery’s I still walk to take her to that nursery cos it’s fab. The staff are great very friendly and professional. Just like a big family. My daughter knows all the staff and is very happy to go. Highly recommend

Testimonial – Caroline Orme

My daughter went to PlayAway there from 5 months til school. She (and me) absolutely loved it. The staff are fab, they became friends and saw me through some tough times. Josie and Ian who own it are also lovely and still helped out when my daughter started at school on half days and I couldn’t pick her up from school as I was at work. One of the staff there still babysits for me now and my daughter is now 7. I would have no hesitation in sending my twin boys there when the time comes

Testimonial – C Barker

I had 2 boys attend Woodlands Day Nursery from 6 months until school age. They loved every minute of their time there. So, when an unexpected arrival appeared recently I didn’t even stop to think about where our new baby would go once I returned to work!

The staff at Woodlands have provided an environment where my boys have been able to learn, grow and socialise to their full potential. Not only do they provide a fantastic structure of learning, it is all done with warmth and love.

There is a great range of indoor and outdoor activities provided for each stage of a child’s development. The staff are always available and approachable for advice or reassurance and there is always a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

My older boys have very fond memories of Woodlands and love going back to pick up their younger brother and are delighted to see the staff who looked after them in their early years.
I wouldn’t send any of my children to any other nursery!